6 Ways CBD Can Help You Be More Successful at Work

1. Increase energy & focus

Despite being well-known as a treatment for insomnia, CBD has actually been shown to increase alertness in smaller doses. One study suggests that CBD activates the same adenosine receptors as caffeine, but without the jitters! Another study found that CBD administered during the day increased dopamine levels, which increases alertness. Add CBD to your morning coffee or smoothie for an extra dose of focused energy.

2. Give better presentations

Public speaking for most people is one of the most anxiety-inducing activities they confront in their lifetimes. But even if your job doesn’t involve giving large public talks, most professionals will find themselves presenting their work in front a group at some point. Whether it’s at a board meeting or a small presentation to company executives, most people will need to face their fear of public speaking at some point.

CBD has been widely shown to reduce anxiety. In fact, one clinical study actually looked specifically at whether CBD would reduce anxiety before public speaking. Study participants were asked to give a four minute talk on a topic that they had studied within the previous year, and told that it would be filmed and analyzed by a psychologist. Their levels of anxiety were then measured using a system called Visual Analog Mood Scales (VAMS), which measures anxiety, physical sensation, mental sedation, and feelings of interest.

These components were measured at five distinct time points: baseline (before the start of the speech), right before instructions were given, right before giving the speech, in the middle of the speech, and right after the speech. Researchers also measured the heart rate and blood pressure of the volunteers. The study found that all participants given CBD showed a decrease in anxiety and blood pressure.

Because anxiety can cause spikes in stress hormones like cortisol, which in turn shuts down the prefrontal cortex, taking CBD before any anxiety-triggering activity can help you use your brain more efficiently. You can benefit from using CBD before a talk or presentation to feel calmer and more centered, be more confident in your delivery, improve your ability to recall prepared remarks, and more effectively answer questions as they come up.

3. Get out of pain

Office work that is mostly sedentary can cause a range of physical issues. From carpal tunnel to hip and neck pain, working long hours in front of a computer is a huge contributor to chronic pain. For those not working in an office, pain is still sometimes part of the job. Working extended hours on your feet, or repetitive lifting and hauling are likely to cause chronic pain over time. Some reports suggest that over 50 million Americans are living with chronic pain. This epidemic of chronic pain causes losses in productivity that add up to $294 billion dollars annually in lost work days, reduced performance at work and medical costs.

One of the most promising uses of CBD is in the treatment of pain. Both CBD and THC are cannabinoids, and in our bodies, cannabinoids act on the endocannabinoid system (ECS). The ECS is the body’s own system for regulating sleep, immune responses and pain. That’s why cannabinoids like THC and CBD have such potential in the treatment of chronic pain- they work on the body’s own internal system for healing pain. Several studies have found that CBD is effective in treating chronic pain and inflammation with few side effects, no risk of addiction, and without patients building up a tolerance over time.

4. Be more confident in interviews & salary negotiations

For some of the reasons already mentioned, CBD is a great medicine to take before any nerve-wracking work moment like asking for a raise or a promotion or before a job interview. Talking about your accomplishments without sounding boastful is a stressful high wire to navigate. It’s only natural that people feel anxious before interviews or negotiations. Taking CBD will help relieve the physiological symptoms of anxiety without side effects of drowsiness or feeling “on something.”

5. Be more productive on business trips

Business travel can take a toll on even the healthiest individuals. Recirculated air in planes and hotel rooms, jet lag, limited access to healthy food are all challenges that business travelers face. Taking CBD regularly during business trips can provide multiple improvements for overall health.

One of the reasons why CBD can be an all purpose cure-all for travel is because of how the endocannabinoid system works. ECS receptors are found throughout our central and peripheral nervous systems and immune system. Together these systems function to bring the body back into homeostasis. In particular ECS receptors are found on the hypothalamus, which plays a major role in maintaining homeostasis. Travel can cause disruptions to your immune system, mood, and energy levels, all of which benefit from using CBD to bring the body back into balance.

6. Get better sleep

This last benefit may seem to contradict the first one, but in fact, CBD can energize you when taking during daylight and help treat sleep issues. One of the biggest challenges for people who struggle with insomnia is the lack of REM sleep. It’s during REM sleep that the body is able to recuperate and heal itself. The length of time in REM sleep is correlated to feeling well-rested in the morning. CBD has been shown to block disruptions to REM sleep, allowing for a better night’s rest.

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