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HEALING ESSENCE Members have the opportunity to schedule appointments with Leonard Leinow, author of the book, CBD: A Patient’s Guide and founder of Healing Essence.

Your FREE Membership includes:

  • Access to New products in development
  • Assistance with dosing, method consumption and best uses.
  • Access to customized medication
  • Newsletter on Latest News and Testimonials.
  • Invitation to CBD Case Studies
Healing Essence |


Knowledge and experience can help make things easier when introducing CBD into your healthcare practice. We are committed to support and guide anybody through the process. Our family of cannabis consultants , each having years of experience with cannabis and its effects and each focusing on specific health conditions are offering our members 15-30min consultations during dedicated times of the week.
Healing Essence |
Please fill out this intake form to schedule a 15-30min consultation on best practices with CBD and best approaches for your individual needs. Our patient relations director will contact you to follow up on the questionnaire and confirm a time with one of cannabis consultants.


If you are looking for a doctor who has experience incorporating cannabis into someones medical care program, please fill out our brief survey and we will email you any appropriate recommendations of doctors in your area.

If you have a doctor who is interested in learning more about what cannabis protocols are effective and what side effects to be cognizant of, please fill out an approved contact information, and if they approve, we will gladly send them a CBD Patients Guide to Medicinal Cannabis and samples of our products.

If you have a co-worker, friend, family member and/or significant other who is curious but skeptical about the benefits of cannabis, please let us know and we can share resources with you on the science and successes of medicinal cannabis. NEED GOOGLE FORM LINK

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