3 Flavors ~ 3 Sizes

Healing Essence offers only the purest CBD products, with very little THC, from manufacturers committed to 100% organic, sustainable and ethical farming and harvesting, with minimal processing. Our suppliers handcraft our products for us. We supply specific nutritional products you need to optimize your healing and health.

All products have 17 mg/ml CBD and less than 0.05% THC – The ratio is 24:1  CBD:THC
1/2 oz bottle has 250 mg CBD
1 oz bottle has 500 mg CBD
2 oz bottle has 1,000 mg CBD


Our products are food. They are as close as possible to the actual cannabis plant as it grows in its natural habitat. We believe that this will provide a better nutritional product for you. We have a very strict quality assurance system, including the use of independent third-party laboratories to analyze our ingredients and products to ensure they are pure, safe, and natural. We test every batch of our CBD extracts for toxins, microbes, and potency. All of our products are free of GMO’s, heavy metals, corn, soy, and gluten. We operate on a foundation of transparency so you can be guaranteed of buying the highest quality products available today.

Our CBD products are made only from the highest-grade medicinal cannabis – cannabis that has been bred to contain a natural abundance of CBD and other natural, and potentially supportive, cannabinoids. Our oils are made from flowers of the “ACDC” strain of cannabis, which produces a very high percentage of cannabidiol (CBD), and very low percentage of Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). This special strain, and our method of processing, offers you CBD oil with a rich mix of many different natural and organic molecules that have important healing properties.

At Healing Essence, our mission is to make a positive impact on the health of people around the world. Our strict sourcing and business practices are all designed to have minimal negative impact on the environment, and our products are guaranteed to be of the utmost highest quality. We will cheerfully provide a pro-rata refund on any remaining product, for any reason, within one year of purchase.

“Thank you for your Healing Essence CBD.  I was astounded by the healing abilities. So far I have successfully treated arthritis, epilepsy, prostate cancer and colitis in myself and my family”.  M.V., Santa Rosa, CA on CBD Oil Infusions

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