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CBD Flower Capsules - Afternoon Formula


Description All-Natural California grown Cannabis flower mixed with locally sourced organic powders, Ashwaganda and Cocoa. These full spectrum flower capsules are better than broad spectrum, containing all of its natural cannabinoids and terpenes, none being lost in the production process.
Size 30ct
Ingredients Full spectrum cannabis flower, local organic powders including Ashwangda, and Cocoa
Potency 20mg/capsule
Total Cannabinoids 600mg per bottle (30 capsules/bottle)
Suggested Use Primarily used for inflammation, stress and anxiety.
Dosage One capsule per afternoon, before a meal.
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$60.00 (Price excluding Tax)

4 reviews for CBD Flower Capsules – Afternoon Formula

  1. Ryan Gurling

    I used to make my own cbd smoke blends, to enjoy in the morning and lunch break and then came across these cbd flower capsules and love them. They help me handle the stress at my work and I feel like I got that extra energy to finish my projects. I take the capsules twice a day sometimes more depending on my schedule.

  2. Michelle Penney

    I am so happy to have found a cbd supplement with ashwaganda. I no longer have that mid day fatigue and feel alert but calm. No more problems multitasking for me 🙂

  3. aristotle

    I have added it to my vitamin supplement regime and feeling a little more awake and less stiff when I get out of bed. Im thinking to keep using for another month and then stop using the capsules and see if it makes a difference

  4. Yoel Gofrain

    Maybe its a placebo thing, but I feel like I can focus during my afternoon meetings and don’t sweat the stupid emails after.

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