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Healing Essence CBD Cat Formula

Description CBD Cat Formula is a California-grown cannabis infusion with a base of organic olive oil, sourced locally from the rolling hills of Sonoma County, infused at low temperatures to retain the qualities of the olive oil and keep the potency of the cannabis low.
Size 1oz / 30mL
Ingredients Olive Oil and Cannabis Oil
Potency 10mg CBD per ml
Total Cannabinoids 300mg (30ml x 10mg per ml)

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Why Olive Oil?

Healing Essence |Many veterinarians, and doctors for that matter, point to the high levels of Omega 3 fatty acids in Olive Oil for its potential health benefits that include the prevention of cardiovascular disease, diabetes, cancer and excess weight gain, and, we think most importantly, a healthier immune system.

For your pets, you can count on a healthier coat, better immune system and better brain health.

Why CBD?

Many veterinarians, and doctors for that matter, point to the high levels of Cannabinoids in the Cannabis Hemp flower, for its potential benefits that includes the healthy properties of anti-convulsant, anti-inflammatory and stress relief.

For your pets, you can count on increased activity, better digestion and healthier immune system.

Yes, you can add to pet food directly, but we advise to “titrate” dosing until you notice improvements then stay on a steady daily dose for the next weeks.

Yes, you can apply on cuts and scraps, but we advise a phone call or visit with a veterinarian for any large wounds or internal injuries.


Briscoe’s Story

Just want to let you know how pleased we are with the results we see in our 12 year old male Siamese cat, Brisco County Jr.. He has difficulty walking due to arthritis in his front legs and has become increasingly inactive.

I put the drops on his front paws, twice a day, and he licks his paws until all of the oil is gone. If I am running late with his morning or evening dose, he finds me and loudly reminds me that it is time for his drops. Since we started, Brisco is more active, especially during the day. He is actively playing with our other cat, a 3 year old female Siamese, and they are back to chasing each other around the room every day!  – From Russell B and Michelle R

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1 review for Healing Essence CBD Cat Formula

  1. James Botelho

    We have a 17-year-old cat suffering from small-cell lymphoma and arthritis. She’s on several meds from her vet, but the addition of CBD tincture made a noticeable difference. Her mobility improved, she started grooming a bit more, and she’s less withdrawn. We started her twin sister on a low dose of CBD as well. We definitely recommend it.

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