Massage & Body Oil

10mg Potency

Ingredients: Safflower, Sunflower, Jojoba, Sweet Almond Oil, Apricot Oil, Pure CBD (99%)

$32.00 (Price excluding Tax)

Our CBD Massage oil is a balanced blend of organic moisturizing oils, high quality essential oils, and California grown Cannabis Oils to nourish and naturally hydrate the skin, our specially formulated Massage and Body Oil spreads easily and absorbs slowly to allow the maximum benefits of a relaxing massage.

Use our Massage and Body Oil for soothing tense muscles, relieving inflamed areas, healing bruises and for general self-care. It can also be used for skin care treatment of the hands, feet, elbows, knees, and/or face.

Each pump of nozzle provides 1 milligrams of pure 99% CBD to the surface of the skin.

Suggested Usage: apply a few pumps in the palm of your hand, to create from a dime to nickel size drop of massage, gently rub both palms, warming the oil, and apply to desired area.

Yes, you can apply on the face, and use as protection from sun exposure, but we advise to include a minimum 30 spf when spending prolonged time in the sun.

Yes, you can apply to children, but we advise to use only 10mg per application, which equates to 10 pumps of the nozzle.

* Several studies, including one by Toth et al. for the Journal of Molecules, have found that CBD is able to increase the rate at which skin cells heal.

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  1. Ayvee

    The Healing Essence Massage & Body Oil is phenomenal. I’ve been using it to treat my neck pain and headaches. I also apply it regularly to my hands and feet as a part of my self-care routine. The apricot oil smells amazing and the pump is easy to use. I can feel a difference as soon as I put on the oil- so I reach for it quite often!

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