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Healing Essence |Leonard

Leonard has been speaking on the topics of how cannabis helps to alleviate pain, reduce anxiety and support sleep, while also addressing the other benefits of cannabinoids such as their anti-inflammatory and neuroprotective properties. He also speaks about the immune boosting qualities of the acid forms of the cannabinoids CBDa, CBGa and THCa.

With over three decades of extensive experience growing and studying medicinal cannabis, Leonard Leinow brings a unique spiritual perspective to his work. Leonard is an expert in cannbidiol (CBD) rich products, the non-psychoactive “get well” molecule in the cannabis plant. He is a pioneer in the application of these medicines to cancer, epilepsy, pain, M.S., and many other health conditions.

Healing Essence |Caroline

My first hand experience in the benefits of high quality CBD has inspired me to work with a company that has products that I know can help many people. Combining my 40+ years of experience in sales, marketing, networking,and event planning I now have the opportunity to help other people. I am glad to be a part of the Healing Essence CBD team.

Healing Essence |Dharma

I am qualified builder and project manager, trained landscape designer and skilled craftsman, who has over 15 years of experience working on a variety of cannabis projects and businesses with a specialization in the cultivation and production of medical cannabis. In cultivation, I focus on sustainable agricultural practices and appellation benefits. In production , I focus on evidence based ratio/potencies for medical grade cannabis products and appropriate product types for desired medical benefit.

Healing Essence |Billee

As a CBD Specialist I have the opportunity to spread the word about the extraordinary therapeutic value of cannabinoids with our comprehensive range of high quality products. I work in-house writing articles for the website and editing the newsletter, I also play a role in production with the product development team. In my new role as Sales Rep for San Francisco I bring both my research knowledge and hands-on understanding of our products. i’ve seen and experienced many positive benefits t from using Healing Essence products and I’m excited to be part of the sales team.

Healing Essence |Peter

Hi I’m Peter. I first discovered Healing Essence when my dog was diagnosed with bladder cancer. When she took HE cbd, not only did she live four more years, she got a new lease on life – as her energy returned, and her arthritis symptoms went away. I thought, I should try this! Well, it works for my own inflammation too – and I sleep through the night as well. What a gift. When given the opportunity to work with Healing Essence using my multimedia skills in music and video, I jumped on it. It’s easy to stand behind products you use and from which you receive multiple health benefits. Ask me anything!

Healing Essence |Jana

I have been in the fashion industry as a model for 13 years. Currently I am a working mother of two very active children. Having had an opportunity to try Healing Essence products and see the benefits first hand, I am careful what I put on my skin, being a mother of young children I’m cautious not to take anything that over medicates me, Healing Essence supports my needs. I am honored to be a part of the team in the Los Angeles area that helps promote wellness without having to use prescription drugs.

Healing Essence |Patrick

My background is in the sports industry, all things related to bicycles, In Sales management, retail, merchandising, marketing strategy, product development, customer service and strategic planning. I’m also an avid fisherman 🙂
Having personally experienced the benefits of CBD, I want to help others feel better. As an avid but older cyclist, I find that I have more aches and pains. Healing essence CBD works for me and I’m honored to be part of a team that wants to keep everyone healthy in a more organic way.

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