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My Mother is 86 years old and has dementia, diabetes, high blood pressure, and macular degeneration.  She has been in our care/living with us for 3.5 years now.  She was holding her own and still pretty functional and communicative till she got COVID this February.  She did well with the COVID, but had the “fallout” afterwards that included 2 back to back hospitalizations-she almost died-and another ER visit.  She declined greatly after these, and became almost non-speaking, and wasn’t doing anything on her own like she was before.  Pretty much just sleeping, unaware of what was going on, having to be fed, toileted, etc.

Started her on the CBD Active Day capsules at one/day at first–not regularly-didn’t see much change–decided to increase to two a day, and did it religiously, and have seen some amazing results.  These include:  more alert and talkative; responding when spoken to; getting up to toilet some on her own; eating better; showing emotion, such as smiling and acting happy to see me when I get home from work.  Also, we were able to reduce her night insulin by 3 units.  Also, she was getting a shot in one eye every 10 weeks for years for the macular degeneration-we were told it would be a lifetime thing, and she might go blind-she had her recent visit with the eye doctor last month, and he said he didn’t need to see her for 9 months!!!!  Unbelievable change–said the eye looked good, etc.

We then, recently added the PM CBD capsule, and have seen even more improvement in her overall demeanor and level of alertness. She is getting up to do  things, like unload groceries; she is asking questions about things, more actively watching TV and more aware of what’s on.  Also on Thanksgiving she was able to actually have a phone conversation with her brother and with her nephew who live out of town-actual interactive conversations.  And she was aware of the Thanksgiving holiday, and was excited about it.

Of course she is not 100% back to normal by a longshot, but the improvements we have seen have really been shocking, and have left us dumb-founded at times!  I completely 100% give the credit for all these improvements to the use of the CBD capsules from Healing Essence. That is the only thing that changed.  Plus I am a healthcare worker, and have worked a lot with dementia and Alzheimers patients, and you just don’t see improvements, period.    I also hope and  believe we will continue to see improvements the longer she takes the products.  Thank you,  Leonard and Caroline!! – Sincerely Dorothy Stone

My name is Michael Patrick Smith, I am 53 years young and was a professional cyclist & avid outdoorsman all my life.
6’3 225 lbs.

Healing Essence |As I age with grace, it always helps to have Healing Essence CBD. It helps relax my mind and body and after a good workout I still am able to ride my bicycle or spend time with my teenage son.

In the evening, the PM helps with any kind of aches and pains and relaxes my mind.

I would like to say, “Without your health you have nothing”

Now for what I believe is a truly remarkable story –

My dog, Maggie – a purebred American Bulldog – just made 17 years old on February 14th. I have been very lucky with dogs, as my American Pit Bull Terrier lived to 15. If only I had known of you earlier we could have treated his stomach cancer.

Healing Essence |Anyway, Maggie started a serious decline about 6 months ago. She was suffering from major painlosing weight by eating less, alertness and passion had declined. Maggie is a true athlete, so it was obviously difficult to watch. She was using a full spectrum CBD I was purchasing from a trusted source, tramadol, and some steroids. None of these seemed to be working very effectively.  

About two weeks ago I started her on Healing Essence CBD and the difference described as amazing cuts short of just how big a change I have witnessed.  Maggie, has put on a little weight, I no longer see her ribs and she resumed eating twice per day. Unbelievably, her energy level has increased to where she started walking much further and shows signs of her old spirit. I have had numerous people comment, “What happened to Maggie? She is back!” 

A common problem with older dogs is unexpected growths in many places.  (After the Zoom call,) I will start putting some of the tincture on these spots and report back. Your product seems to have a much “fuller” consistency than the product I was using (if this makes sense). Also, of great note, her beautiful coat has become soft and shiny again!!

I would like to tell my vet about the product. She is unable to recommend CBD, but off the record she urged me to use. Maggie thanks you for your research, dedication and science!  At 17, I can say without a doubt that Healing Essence CBD for Pets has made a huge impact!!

I’m Amanda, I’m 43 years old, overweight and diabetic with HBP and I got a positive test result for COVID-19 on December 13.

I was exposed on December 3rd or 4th by someone at work who didn’t yet know they were infected.

My symptoms started on Dec 12 – high fevers and terrible body aches.  (Did you notice that it took 9 days from exposure to even feel sick?)

My doctor couldn’t really tell me how to deal with this – his only advice was to stay hydrated, take pain meds and lay on my chest.

Besides my regular daily medications I started taking a vitamin regimen that was recommended to me my a naturopath: 

  • 500 mg Quercitin 2x/day
  • 1000 mg Vit. C 2x/day
  • 75 mg Zinc 1x/day
  • 500 mg N-A-C 1x/day
  • 5,000 mg Vit D 1x/day
  • No tylenol
  • Drink green tea 2x/day

In spite of all this I wasn’t getting better – I went to the ER on Dec 18 because I couldn’t breathe. They took a chest x-ray and said I had pneumonia on top of COVID.   Any walking around caused me to hyperventilate, which gave me a lot of anxiety about any physical exertion because it was scary to hyperventilate.  I’ve never had anxiety in my life.

I finally contacted Carol, who sent me CBD to try, I only wish I’d started taking it earlier in my illness.

I took 1 AM CBD pill (20mg) at 8 am, another at noon most days.

Healing Essence |At night I took 1 PM CBD pill (20mg) and a half dropper of tincture.

The relief from anxiety was immediate, I felt great and I slept great from the very first night thanks to the CBD. 

My lung issues have improved daily, they started expelling mucus the very next day, and I have not needed the inhaler that the ER gave me since I started the CBD.  My weird covid-related symptoms have all cleared up as well (wavy vision, dry tongue, toe pain).

The morning capsules give me a great body feel, and the PM capsules relax me and help me sleep great. 

My advice for others like me that get covid – keep your blood sugars low and take CBD!

I’ll be taking it from now on.

Thank you Healing Essence!

—  Amanda S

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