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Sesame Oil CBD Capsules

Sesame Oil Capsules Active Day Dr. Formula may:
1. Reduce inflammation,
2. combat pain,
3. relieve stress-anxiety, depression

And is known to slow the proliferation of some cancer cells.

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Description Organic Sesame Oil with Cannabinoid isolates (CBD+ CBG), derived from natural cannabis flower. It is enriched with CBG for improved bone health, organ function and digestion.
Size “0” capsule – 30 capsules per bottle
Ingredients Sesame Oil, CBD+CBG isolates
Potency 40mg per capsule
Total Cannabinoids 1200mg per bottle
Suggested Use Primarily used for pain relief, anti-inflammation, stress-anxiety relief, and .
Dosage One capsule per morning, with breakfast. Can be repeated every 6 hours, best with meals.

Organic Sesame Oil CBD capsules with Cannabinoid isolates (CBD+ CBG), derived from natural cannabis flower. The Organic Sesame Oil is a Long Chain Tri-glyceride, that encapsulates the cannabinoids and creates a lipposomal effect. This lipposomal effect provides better bio-availability of the cannabinoids.

The capsules are enriched with CBG for improved bone health, organ function, and digestion. It is suggested to be as a daily supplemental, best in the mornings. These capsules can be used for chronic conditions as well, with capsules being taken every 4-6hours, to maintain a constant dose of CBD and CBG cannabinoids in the body.

Weight 92 g

5 reviews for Sesame Oil CBD Capsules

  1. Jai Flicker

    I was told by my doctor that is was either from poor diet or continous stress that was affecting my gall bladder , and it was is not functioning as well as it should be. and then I was told about gallstones. and that I might be having preliminary symptoms. what the. I do smoke socially and also prefer the softer stuff. So, I got into researching CBD , and I came across some articles on CBG. And after sleuthing around, I find Healing Essence with capsules in sesame oil. Why not? LCT? sure. And I am now on my second bottle , feeling good about keeping it in my medicine bag and hoping the FDA is okay with it 🙂

  2. Isabelle Nonet

    I am a traveling nurse and worried about having testing for contracts but I have found some relief using cannabis.
    I figured to try something that is THC free and found out about Healing Essence through my word search. It has been only 2 weeks and wow, I think I found what I was looking for. I plan to test myself after I am finished with the bottle and see if I am safe to continue using no matter when I move.

  3. emily green

    My sister keeps mentioning that CBD might help with my aches and bloated feeling. Well, she believes it totally will.
    I wanted to take something that did not have any THC and I am totally not into MCT oil, and that is all I see in the stores.
    Then I found Healing Essence with their sesame oil capsules, I researched a little about sesame oil and liked the LCT oil story they shared, the whole aruyvedic tradition and slow carbon foot print. A match for me. Thanks.

  4. Peter S

    I’m pain free. Healing Essence is the best medical cannabis company in the Country!

  5. Dr. Kornfeld

    Sesame oil capsules with CBG and Sesame oil capsules with CBN
    I recommend Healing Essence CBD to my patients. I have met both Leonard and Caroline and my trusted colleague Michael Moskowitz worked with them for years before I discovered them myself. I respect their approach to this field which has so much potential. The CBN products for sleep and the CBG products for daytime use add a needed innovation which can be explored for its utility. This plant and the essential receptors in our nervous and regulatory systems in our body can work harmoniously to promote healing difficult to achieve otherwise.

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