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Sesame Oil CBD Capsules

Sesame Oil Capsules Active Day Dr. Formula may:
1. Reduce inflammation,
2. combat pain,
3. relieve stress-anxiety, depression

And is known to slow the proliferation of some cancer cells.

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sesame oil capsules

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Description Organic Sesame Oil with Cannabinoid isolates (CBD+ CBG), derived from natural cannabis flower. It is enriched with CBG for improved bone health, organ function and digestion.
Size “0” capsule – 30 capsules per bottle
Ingredients Sesame Oil, CBD+CBG isolates
Potency 40mg per capsule
Total Cannabinoids 1200mg per bottle
Suggested Use Primarily used for pain relief, anti-inflammation, stress-anxiety relief, and .
Dosage One capsule per morning, with breakfast. Can be repeated every 6 hours, best with meals.

Organic Sesame Oil CBD capsules with Cannabinoid isolates (CBD+ CBG), derived from natural cannabis flower. The Organic Sesame Oil is a Long Chain Tri-glyceride, that encapsulates the cannabinoids and creates a lipposomal effect. This lipposomal effect provides better bio-availability of the cannabinoids.

The capsules are enriched with CBG for improved bone health, organ function, and digestion. It is suggested to be as a daily supplemental, best in the mornings. These capsules can be used for chronic conditions as well, with capsules being taken every 4-6hours, to maintain a constant dose of CBD and CBG cannabinoids in the body.

Weight 92 g

4 reviews for Sesame Oil CBD Capsules

  1. Jai Flicker

    I was told by my doctor that is was either from poor diet or continous stress that was affecting my gall bladder , and it was is not functioning as well as it should be. and then I was told about gallstones. and that I might be having preliminary symptoms. what the. I do smoke socially and also prefer the softer stuff. So, I got into researching CBD , and I came across some articles on CBG. And after sleuthing around, I find Healing Essence with capsules in sesame oil. Why not? LCT? sure. And I am now on my second bottle , feeling good about keeping it in my medicine bag and hoping the FDA is okay with it 🙂

  2. Isabelle Nonet

    I am a traveling nurse and worried about having testing for contracts but I have found some relief using cannabis.
    I figured to try something that is THC free and found out about Healing Essence through my word search. It has been only 2 weeks and wow, I think I found what I was looking for. I plan to test myself after I am finished with the bottle and see if I am safe to continue using no matter when I move.

  3. emily green

    My sister keeps mentioning that CBD might help with my aches and bloated feeling. Well, she believes it totally will.
    I wanted to take something that did not have any THC and I am totally not into MCT oil, and that is all I see in the stores.
    Then I found Healing Essence with their sesame oil capsules, I researched a little about sesame oil and liked the LCT oil story they shared, the whole aruyvedic tradition and slow carbon foot print. A match for me. Thanks.

  4. Peter S

    I’m pain free. Healing Essence is the best medical cannabis company in the Country!

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