Healing Essence

Doctor's Formula #1 (3:1 CBD:CBN) Tincture

Description A broad spectrum cannabis flower infused with Sesame Oil and enriched with CBN isolate and essential flavors.
Size 10ml or 30ml
Ingredients Sesame Oil, Cannabis Oil, CBN Isolate, Orange Ginger Flavors
Potency 20mg/ml, 15mg CBD / 5mg CBN (per one dose)
Dosing 1 spray/pump = 0.2ml = 4mg
1 eye dropper = 1ml = 20mg
5 sprays/pumps = 1 eye dropper
Total Cannabinoids 200mg total (20mg x 10ml)
Ratio 3:1  CBD:CBN

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CBN has shown neuroprotectant properties that could protect the brain and nerve cells from oxidative damage, provide analgesic pain relief and alleviate symptoms of insomnia.

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10ml, 30ml