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Doctor's Formula #1 (3:1 CBD:CBN) Tincture

Description A broad spectrum cannabis flower infused with Sesame Oil and enriched with CBN isolate and essential flavors.

CBN has shown neuroprotectant properties that could protect the brain and nerve cells from oxidative damage, provide analgesic pain relief and alleviate symptoms of insomnia.

Size 10ml or 30ml
Ingredients Sesame Oil, Cannabis Oil, CBN Isolate, Orange Ginger Flavors
Potency 20mg/ml  (15mg CBD / 5mg CBN)
Dosing 1 spray/pump = 0.2ml = 4mg
1 eye dropper = 1ml = 20mg
5 sprays/pumps = 1 eye dropper
Total Cannabinoids 200mg total (20mg x 10ml)
Ratio 3:1  CBD:CBN

$30.00$70.00 (Price excluding Tax)


3 reviews for Doctor’s Formula #1 (3:1 CBD:CBN) Tincture

  1. Lucie Loh

    I feel that having the CBN with the CBD has given me a more restful sleep and without a droozy morning, I no longer use my melotonin tablets and take a few drops a half hour before going to sleep.

  2. JF

    I have been taking 5 sprays of Dr’s Formula CBN/CBD once a day for arthritis pain, I no longer need to use any other products.

  3. D Tyndall

    I have been using Old Fashions as a nighttime sedative from this crazy world, and during my last visit my doctor noticed. I found a great substitute with this tincture. One full dropper and I’m out in 10 minutes. And now I rarely have the middle of night bathroom breaks. Im am happy with the switch, so thankful for some restful nights.

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