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Natural CBD Tincture

Healing Essence Active Day Formula is carefully prepared from organically, sun-grown cannabis flowers in a base of organically grown sesame oil. This carefully crafted tincture contains many naturally occurring cannabinoids and additional constituents associated with our strains, found by many people to be slightly uplifting and well suited to daytime use.

Healing Essence Natural CBD tinctures has shown to help :
1.  uplift your mood,
2. provide pain relief,
3. boost anti-inflammation,
4. offer stress-anxiety relief

Certificate of Analysis (View COA Here)

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Description: Healing Essence Active Day Formula is carefully prepared from organically, sun-grown cannabis flowers in a base of organically grown sesame oil. In addition to 20 mg/ml CBD, Active Day contains other naturally occurring cannabinoids, terpines and flavonoids associated with our strains, which many people find to be uplifting and well-suited for morning or daytime use.
Size: 30ml | 1 oz  Healing Essence |
Ingredients: Organically Grown sesame oil, Organically Grown cannabis flowers
Potency: 20 mg per ml CBD, <0.3 mg per ml THC
Total Cannabinoids: 600mg total (20mg x 30ml)
Suggested Use: low dose 1/4 dropper , medium is 1/2 dropper,  full is 1 dropper / per dose.
Dosage: 1 full eyedropper = 20mg; 2 drops = 1mg
Ratio:  24:1 CBD:THC  TOTAL CBD: 600 mg per oz

Certificate of Analysis (View COA Here)

Weight 74 g

7 reviews for Natural CBD Tincture

  1. Vikash Singh

    Since taking AM tinctures, I have been less edgy with people and my morning back ache has disappeared.

  2. CCI

    I start my morning with the AM formula to help me start my day, and it takes away my morning aches. The AM formula also puts me in a better mood without the high, which can be a challenge if you listen to the news. I would recommend doing some yoga, qi gong or meditation 30 minutes after taking it. My day ends with the PM formula one hour before I’m ready for bed. It relaxes me and gets my mind to slow down. I don’t have any negative side effects – my only side-effect is feeling better. I always tell my friends why wouldn’t you at least try it?

  3. AL

    I having been using HealingEssence AM tincture for migraines, I stopped taking it and my migraine came back but stopped when using it again.

  4. Diana Smith

    I take my AM tincture to get rid of my aches and pains. After my morning tea, I am ready to get into my Qi Gong routine, enhancing my work, getting me more into the flow, and gives me a great start to my day.

  5. LAB

    I just find that I have a better work day if I start it with a few drops of the AM (Daytime) tincture. On particularly stressful days, an extra drop or three helps me to navigate the challenges with more grace and ease.

  6. Kim C. Long Beach, MS

    I live with Chronic pain. I have struggled for some time with rheumatoid Arthritis and cervical disc degeneration.

    A friend of mine at my church gave me a bottle of the CBD Oil Tincture morning formula. He has been using products from Healing Essence for Chronic pain for some time. He ordered a bottle for me and suggested I try it. I find helps me a lot with the anxiety of the chronic pain and takes the edge off of the pain. It has made a huge posit difference in my everyday ability to function and get around!

    Thank you Healing Essence for understanding the need for pain and anxiety relief. And even more thanks for creating your products for us to use with safety & confidence.

  7. Anita M.

    I have used the a.m. and p.m. CBD formula for a number of years. After the initial usage, I noticed a marked improvement in my level of anxiety. It seems to have put my Endocannabinoid system in balance and has made a huge difference in my daily life. I have also found the CBD salve to be very soothing and comforting for the Inflammation I have in my feet due to severe neuropathy caused by a prolonged battle with Lyme disease.

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