Healing Essence AM Formula

Size: 1 oz
Ingredients: Organically Grown sesame oil, Organically Grown cannabis flowers
 17 mg/ml CBD, <0.3 mg/ml THC
Ratio: 24:1 CBD:THC  TOTAL CBD: 500 mg/oz

AM Labs

$60.00 (Price excluding Tax)

AM in Organically Grown Sesame Oil: Is carefully prepared from organically sun grown cannabis flowers in a base of organically grown sesame oil.  In addition to 17 mg/ml CBD, the AM Formula, contains other naturally occurring cannabinoids and additional constituents associated with our strains, found by many people to be slightly uplifting and well suited to daytime use.

This Healing Essence AM formula delivers all the health benefits of a potent, full spectrum CBD oil infusion.