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Frequently Asked Questions

Our most common customer questions are answered right here.

We now ship our products across the US to all states (except Idaho, Nebraska, South Dakota)!  Our products contain less than 0.3% THC, which meets the Federal standard for cannabis products. Our oils are made from pure flowers. Thus, they are much higher in quality and nutritional value.

Cannabidiol (CBD) is a naturally occurring constituent. It is one of the two most abundant cannabinoids found. the other being tetrahydrocannabinol, or THC. The major difference between the two is that THC is psychoactive, and CBD is not psychoactive. CBD is being scientifically investigated for a wide range of health effects.  For those interested in chemistry, its formula is C21H30O2, and its molecular mass is 314.4636.

‘CBD oil’ can be derived from the flowers of medical plants, or from the stalks of the cannabis plant, a variety that is grown for industrial purposes. Industrial cannabis is a fibrous plant with long, strong stalks, and few flowering buds. This makes it a good feedstock for making paper, clothing, rope, and plastics.  Our plants are specifically bred to optimize CBD content.

On average, our CBD-to-THC ratio is in the range of 22:1 to 25:1.  Our plants contain less than 0.3% THC, which makes them legal under the Federal Farm Bill.  Our medicine is ideal for people looking to gain the health-promoting benefits of CBD without the ‘high’ of THC.  CBD has almost zero psychoactive properties, for most people.

CBD oils can contain more than 100 different phyto-cannabinoids, most notably CBD (cannabidiol), CBC, CBG, CBN, and others yet to be identified. (Standard laboratories are not yet able to identify all of the components.)

In addition to the cannabinoids, there are also many other types of natural molecules and phytochemical compounds, including amino acids, vitamins (including B1, B2, B6, D, & E), carbohydrates, fatty acids (including omega 3 & 6), trace minerals (including magnesium, iron, calcium, potassium, and zinc,), chlorophyll, carotene, flavonoids, ketones, nitrogenous compounds, alcohols, glycosides, alkanes, pigments, terpenes, and water.

The most common terpenes in our CBD oils are Beta-caryophyllene, Terpinolene, Linalool, Myrcene, and Limonene/beta-Phellandrene.  Also appearing in smaller amounts are beta-Pinene, alpha-Pinene, trans-alpha-Bergamotene, Nerolidol og Phytol, , alpha-Humulene, delta-3-Carene, and (E)-beta-Farnesene.

In creating our delicious oils, we use either food-grade liquid coconut oil (middle-chain-triglycerides) or organic sunflower seed oil to extract these nutritious elements from the plant. By weight, these are the predominant elements in each bottle of Healing Essence CBD oil. In our flavored oils, we add organic food-grade flavors derived from fruits and plants such as cacao, coffee, lemon, and ginger.  They are enhanced with a touch of stevia, an organic plant-based sweetener, to make them taste fantastic.

As with all natural products, there are natural variances in odor, flavor, appearance, yield, etc., that are affected by growing methods, location, time of harvest, elevation level, soil type, etc. Components may vary from batch to batch, and growing season by growing season. We test each batch separately to ensure the quality of our products and the accuracy of our labels. Each batch has its own unique profile of cannabinoids, terpenes, fatty acids, vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and more. You can be sure that our products are organically grown, naturally processed, and extracted with care.

THC and CBD are the two most common constituents, and in many cases, they work well when combined. Scientific studies have established that CBD and THC interact synergistically to enhance each other’s therapeutic effects. British researchers have shown that CBD potentiates THC’s anti-inflammatory properties in an animal model of colitis. Scientists at the California Pacific Medical Center in San Francisco determined that a combination of CBD and THC has a more potent anti-tumor effect than either compound alone when tested on brain cancer and breast cancer cell lines. And extensive clinical research has demonstrated that CBD combined with THC is more beneficial for neuropathic pain than either compound as a single molecule.

The reason we provide CBD-only products (with little or no THC) is due to the preference that many people have to avoid psychoactive effects of THC.  When you do your own research, at one of the informational websites noted below, there are many diseases and ailments that respond very well to CBD alone.

It is our view that the THC works as a catalyst, making the CBD work better. There is just enough THC in our CBD products (less than 0.3%) to provide most of the wanted medicinal effects without the psychoactive effects induced by THC.

Please research cannabidiol and CBD oil through trustworthy websites, such as and www.CBD4Health.comwww.ProjectCBD.org. Educate yourself as to how cannabidiol may affect the human immune system and help the body heal itself. We make no medical claims for our products, because it would be against the law for us to do so.

Our CBD oil extracts are made with a simple process of oil infusion, which is the most natural and least toxic method of extracting CBD from whole flowers.

Other companies use an industrial process called “subcritical (or supercritical) CO2 extraction.”  This is the second safest method. It creates a thick, tar-like substance that must be diluted for consumption, and must be de-waxed through another industrial process.

Another method is to make tinctures using pure grain alcohol, which is fairly common, but this method does not separate out chlorophyll, so the end product appears dark green, and is harsh in the mouth unless mixed with other foods or liquids.

CBD can also be extracted with the use of dangerous solvents, such as benzene or butane, which should not be ingested by human beings. The founders of Charlotte’s Web have mentioned that they use a rotary evaporator, which indicates they are using a solvent, but they do not indicate which one. Although the solvents are supposed to be removed after processing, we would rather not take a chance that these chemicals could enter our bodies.

We prefer to use organic oil infusion methods because they utilize only natural organic materials, with no industrial processes required.

Charlotte’s Web” is one of about 50 different strains of industrial cannabis, all of which have low THC levels and reasonably high CBD levels. Our products are made entirely from the flowers of the natural plant, a particular strain which naturally produces a high CBD and very low TCH content. So our short answer is no, it is not similar to Charlotte’s Web CBD Oil. And we are very proud of that fact. While the single molecule of CBD is the same from one CBD product to the next, testimonials from people who have tried both products end up choosing our product over the long-term.

Our special strains produce an average ratio of CBD to THC of approximately 24:1.  The flowers we obtain from our organic plants contain approximately 17% CBD. The remainder includes chlorophyll, terpenes, other cannabinoids, and other phytochemicals.

Our gentle process of oil extraction increases the percentages of CBD to approximately 75%, THC to less than 1%, and 24% other molecules. Our growers are committed to using the best organic and sustainable practices, and the plants are grown under different climate conditions and soils. Consequently, there are natural variances in the contents of each plant.

However, all of these facts have little impact on how much pure cannabidiol (CBD) goes into each bottle of our CBD oil. We are below the legal limit of 0.3% THC in legal cannabis products.

Our CBD oils have approximately 17 mg of CBD per ml of oil. That adds up to 500 mg of cannabidiol in each ounce.  Our 2-ounce bottles contain 1,000 mg of CBD, for example.  The final amount of actual cannabidiol (CBD) in each bottle will always be the same, regardless of the plants we start with.

Our CBD oil is 100% natural, and it contains absolutely NO synthetic CBD or chemically-derived CBD. Be wary of companies that use synthetic CBD in their products and claim it to be natural!

We suggest taking CBD oil as a dietary supplement, and recommend it be taken by dropper directly into the mouth. Our naturally flavored oils, Lemon-Ginger infusion and Chocolate-Mocha infusion, are a delicious way to enjoy taking your daily supplement.

Add our Completely Natural version to other foods, such as orange juice or apple sauce.  It can be added to anything, but do not cook or microwave what you add it to, since heat may disrupt some of the important nutritional elements contained in our natural CBD oil.

We cannot tell you what the ideal serving size would be for you.  It depends on many factors: your body size, your metabolism, your health condition, and the ailment you may be treating.

A physicians who advises us, who specializes in the use of medical marijuana, told us, “The basic formula is between .25mg and 2 mg per pound daily. A person with cancer might take 2 to 3 mg per pound per day. If a person is taking their medicinal herb in three doses per day, the total daily amount would be divided by three. Children and small-bodied people would obviously require less than large-bodied adults.”

25 drops from an average dropper adds up to approximately 1 ml. of oil.
1 ml. of our oil contains approximately 17 mg of CBD.

25 drops is about 1/2 dropper in our 1 oz. bottles.  It’s around 1/3 dropper in our 2 oz. bottles.  Count drops if you want to know exactly how much CBD you’re ingesting.

In a 1 oz. bottle, there is 30 ml. of  oil, which is about 750 drops, containing approximately 500 mg of CBD.  2 oz. bottles have 60 ml. and about 1500 drops, containing approximately 1000 mg of CBD.

Each person has a unique body chemistry, body weight, history, tolerance built up over time, unique digestion system, and body chemistry. It has been reported that the best way to begin is with very small doses, 3 times daily, one hour before meals. It was recommended that this continue for up to two weeks, to see whether your condition improves. If it doesn’t, increase the dosage slightly, and use it that way for one full week, and increase it again the next week, until you find relief.

As your body gets accustomed to a particular dosage level, your needs may change, requiring either a higher or lower dose for your body to be “balanced and happy.”   Scientific literature says that it takes some time (approximately two weeks) for the endocannabinoid system to come on line and settle into the right zone for your body.

If your body reacts negatively in any way, reduce the dose you’re taking until the negative reaction is no longer happening. What works for one person is very different than what works for another person. This is why we suggest an experimental approach to determine the optimal serving for you or your loved one. Inadequate (not enough) doses apparently do not target receptors sufficiently, and excessive doses (too much) can over-stimulate and actually deactivate receptors, which reverses the benefits. Your correct dose is the range in between these two extremes. (Note: More is not necessarily better!)

One additional note on this topic: your body builds a storage of cannabidiol in the body, unlike most nutritional supplements. Cannabidiol is fat-soluble, and can stay bound to the cells in your body for weeks. After a few weeks of using CBD oil, you may need less oil to get the same effects as you got from your original dose.

We strongly recommend that you ask your doctor for advice (especially a doctor familiar with medical CBD as a treatment for your particular ailment). Ultimately, however, you are responsible for the quality of your health, and for determining the correct dose for you. We also recommend that you study the scientific literature on one of the trusted information sites we mentioned above.

Cannabidiol (CBD), and other phytochemical constituents are considered to be generally safe. In thousands of years of use, we know of no recorded fatalities or major illnesses as a result. CBD extracts are a modern invention. To date, we know of no negative side effects from the use of naturally derived CBD.  We only sell naturally derived oil-extractions of CBD from organically grown cannabis plants.

In only a couple of cases, clients have complained of mild stomach pain after taking our products. This lasted only an hour or two, and it subsided after 2 to 3 days of use. If this happens, we recommend lowering the dose by half, and if it continues, by half again, until the body adjusts to this new compound.

Some people experience a shift in body sensation or perception due to the relaxing effect of CBD on the nervous system. If you haven’t experienced this relaxation effect before, it can feel a bit weird.  (Some people call it a “body high.”) We suggest that you relax and enjoy the experience!  If you resist it or worry about it, it can stimulate an unpleasant emotional state (dysphoria). If you are experiencing negative side effects, know that they will ware off in a couple of hours. During this time, we find it best to be in nature with our eyes open.

Because CBD is not psychoactive, it is not likely that the very small amount of THC that occurs naturally is having this effect, although some people are super-sensitive and may “feel it” more than others. We do not recommend taking extreme doses of our products for any reason.

FDA regulations and restrictions prevent us from making any health claims about the benefits of CBD.  Statements and testimonials on this website have not been evaluated by the FDA and are not intended to diagnose, treat, or cure any disease. Always check with your physician before starting a new dietary supplement program.

Please do your own research on the positive benefits of CBD and other cannabinoids in natural oil. Please visit one of these vetted sites: www.CBD4Health.com or www.projectcbd.org.  Learn about the latest breakthroughs in CBD research and treatment, then come back to our site to order completely natural CBD oil.

Our company produces and sells dietary and food supplements. We cannot suggest any of our products for the prevention, treatment or cure of any disease or ailment. In accordance with U.S. regulations, we cannot and do not make any health claims regarding CBD oils or any other dietary supplement.

Please seek out trusted information on sites that are not involved with the sale of CBD or any other dietary products. Read the original research by physicians and scientists if possible. We recommend these sites: www.CBD4Health.com, www.ProjectCBD.com, and www.medicalmarijuana.procon.org.

People from all walks of life with greatly varying circumstances are using our CBD oils, and we get repeated praise for the quality of our products.

If you suspect that you may have a disease, or if you are seeking help because you have a disease, please consult a qualified medical professional.

Our CBD-rich oils are produced only from the flowers of organic medical plants. Other companies often use fertilizers, pesticides and insecticides, or processed with industrial solvents.

We guarantee that our products are grown locally and organically, produced minimally, and tested rigorously to ensure the highest quality products available. It’s an expensive proposition, unfortunately.

If price is a significant concern, we suggest that you make your own oil extractions, if you are able to do so.  There are many excellent books and articles that can guide you through the process of growing your own high-CBD strains and extracting the CBD naturally.

We are looking for ways to lower the cost of our products for consumers, and we offer a discount program for those in financial need.  Contact us for more information.

No. Hempseed oil, which can be found at grocery stores, is produced by cold pressing the seeds of the cannabis plant. It is considered to be a great nutritive food, and may provide some health benefits, but it contains only a trace amount of CBD. Our oil is made from special strains of flowers grown specifically to produce a high level of CBD, which is widely studied and recognized for its potential healing properties, and very low levels of THC.  Hempseed oil is not CBD oil.

No. Our CBD oils are made from strains with very low amounts of THC. There is no known psychoactive effect from CBD itself. If you feel something weird or odd after taking our products, it is likely the result of your nervous system relaxing in a way that it hasn’t before.  We suggest lying down, relaxing, and enjoying this new state.  Some people refer to it as a “body high,” because it does not affect cognition.  If you resist it, you can put yourself into an uncomfortable emotional state. If this happens, lower your dose to half of what you took before.  And any effects like this will only last an hour, or two at the most.  As your tolerance and familiarity build, and you find your right dosage, it will happen less and less often.

We have a very strict internal quality assurance system, and we use a third-party testing laboratory to analyze every batch of our CBD oils. We check for cannabinoid potency, heavy metals, bacterials, microbials, mycotoxins (fungals), and pesticides. Our CBD oil blends also get tested to confirm that our products contain the amount of cannabidiol (CBD) stated on the label.

Healing Essence guarantees the quality of its products, and offers a money-back guarantee for any unopened product – for any reason, for up to one year after purchase.