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Flower Capsules CBDa + CBGa - ACTIVE | DAY

Description All-Natural California grown Cannabis flower mix of a CBD rich and CBG rich varietals.
Size 30 capsules per bottle
Ingredients Ringo’s Gift, White Rhino, gelatin capsules
Potency 20mg CBDa : 20 CBGa
Total Cannabinoids 1200mg per bottle (30 capsules/bottle)
Suggested Use Primarily used for pain relief, anti-inflammation, stress-anxiety relief and tissue rejuvenation.
Dosage One capsule per morning, with breakfast. Can be repeated every 6 hours, best with a meal.

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The capsules are enriched with CBG for improved bone health, organ function, and digestion. It is suggested to be as a daily supplemental, best in the morning. These capsules can be used for chronic conditions as well, with capsules being taken every 4-6hours, to maintain a constant dose of CBD and CBG cannabinoids in the body.

Weight 92 g

2 reviews for Flower Capsules CBDa + CBGa – ACTIVE | DAY

  1. Kiki Antonio

    I start my morning with regiment with my vitamins and cbd flower capsules. I feel like I start my day with a healthy energy boost, unlike the jitters I would get with coffee or caffeniated teas

  2. Caleb Gordon

    My naturopath recommended that I try CBD for my morning anxieties. I wanted something natural and full-spectrum, so I started using the flower capsules from Healing Essence a few weeks ago and feels like the right move, now I wake up looking forward to making the most of my day.

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