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The capsules are enriched with CBG for improved bone health, organ function, and digestion. It is suggested to be as a daily supplemental, best in the morning. These capsules can be used for chronic conditions as well, with capsules being taken every 4-6hours, to maintain a constant dose of CBD and CBG cannabinoids in the body.

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Description All-Natural California grown Cannabis flower mix of a CBD rich and CBG rich varietals.
Size 30 flower capsules per bottle
Ingredients Ringo’s Gift, White Rhino, gelatin capsules
Potency 20mg CBDa : 20 CBGa
Total Cannabinoids 1200mg per bottle (30 capsules/bottle)
Suggested Use Primarily used for pain relief, anti-inflammation, stress-anxiety relief and tissue rejuvenation.
Dosage One capsule per morning, with breakfast. Can be repeated every 6 hours, best with a meal.

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3 reviews for Raw Flower Capsules

  1. Kiki Antonio

    I start my morning with regiment with my vitamins and cbd flower capsules. I feel like I start my day with a healthy energy boost, unlike the jitters I would get with coffee or caffeniated teas

  2. Caleb Gordon

    My naturopath recommended that I try CBD for my morning anxieties. I wanted something natural and full-spectrum, so I started using the flower capsules from Healing Essence a few weeks ago and feels like the right move, now I wake up looking forward to making the most of my day.

  3. Sharon

    I have suffered with Chronic pain for 23 years. It has affected my sleep, walking, social activities and caused me severe anxiety. in April of 2022 with the help of Caroline at Healing Essence I was introduced to CBD 30 + CBG10 active day time. In addition, Cbd+ CBN for night time and Doctors formula was suggested. Within a week I noticed my anxiety level was much lower. I began noticing that my pain was getting better and I can sleep better as well. I take 1 to 2 capsules of the daytime formula and 1 to 2 night time. I take the doctors formula once a day. .As time has passed, I have continued to see a big difference in how I feel and I am a much calmer person. When I flare up I will use the salve or roll on the area that is bothering me. it really does help. Using the CBD products has allowed me to stop with pain medication/opiods which has been a long time goal. I am very grateful to Caroline who took the time to really work with me.

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