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Sesame Oil Capsules

Sesame Oil CBD + CBN Capsules

Organic Sesame Oil capsules with Cannabinoid isolates (CBD+ CBN), derived from natural cannabis flower. The Organic Sesame Oil is a Long Chain Triglyceride, that encapsulates the cannabinoids and creates a lipposomal effect. This lipposomal effect provides better bio-availability of cannabinoids.

The capsules are enriched with CBN for improved nerve health, organ function, and mood regulation. It is suggested to be as a supplemental, best in the evenings, before bed.

These capsules can be used for chronic conditions as well, with capsules being taken every 4-6hours, to maintain a constant dose of CBD and CBN cannabinoids in the body.

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Description Organic Sesame Oil with Cannabinoid isolates (CBD+CBN), derived from natural cannabis flower.

CBD enriched with CBN has shown restorative and regenerative properties to promote well-functioning systems within the body.

Size “0” capsule – 30 capsules per bottle
Ingredients Sesame Oil, CBD+CBN isolates
Potency 40mg per capsule
Total Cannabinoids 1200mg per bottle
Suggested Use Primarily used for sleep relief, anti-inflammation, and balancing mood
Dosage One capsule per evening, one hour before bed.
Weight 92 g

1 review for Sesame Oil Capsules

  1. Dr. Kornfeld

    I recommend Healing Essence CBD to my patients. I have met both Leonard and Caroline and my trusted colleague Michael Moskowitz worked with them for years before I discovered them myself. I respect their approach to this field which has so much potential. The CBN products for sleep and the CBG products for daytime use add a needed innovation which can be explored for its utility. This plant and the essential receptors in our nervous and regulatory systems in our body can work harmoniously to promote healing difficult to achieve otherwise.

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