About Us

Our Commitment to You

Healing Essence specializes in selling hand-produced cannabidiol (CBD) oils for nutritional support and optimal health and healing.

Healing Essence is a family-owned, community-operated company that is supported by thousands of local consumers.

We use only organic products, sustainable growing methods, craft scale manufacturing process and recyclable packaging to produce our high-quality, California-grown, full-spectrum CBD products.

We use state authorized laboratories to test and analyze our products to ensure accurate potencies and guarantee expected quality.

We are dedicated to fair share transactions and pride ourselves on mutually beneficial relationships with all our farmers, suppliers, and producers.

We are committed to offering exceptional customer service, because you ARE our business.

  • More than 5,000 people have used our products successfully. Over 50,000 bottles have been produced and sold, and over 10,000 orders have been successfully delivered to customers across the nation.

Our Book to You

Get the Patient’s Guide to Medicinal Cannabis

Now in 6 languages!

I love this book. It is both beautiful and practical, grounded in all the right qualities needed to make working with CBD easy and effective.”
— Uwe Blesching PhD, author of Cannabis Health Index

“De pasta semi gruesa, extenso en hojas y muy buen contenido. Excelente explicacion para pacientes.”
— Jose Montana, Mexico City, EF

Our Promise to You

We offer a 100% money-back guarantee for any unused portion of oil, returned within 15 days, no questions asked. Just one request, please try daily for 10 days before returning.

Made with 100% Organic Products

With less than 0.3% THC, we are committed to 100% organic, sustainable and ethical farming and harvesting, with minimal processing. We provide high potency (500 mg CBD/OZ or 17 mg CBD/ml), specific nutritional products to optimize your healing and health.

Our Current Offerings