Healing Essence

We are a family-owned, locally-run company that is supported by thousands of customers nationwide. We are committed to producing the best-quality, organic cannabidiol* (CBD) oils for nutritional support, optimal health and healing.

* Pronounced ca-nuh-bi-DYE-ol

About Healing Essence - Why we are different

We are determined that PLACE matters. The elevation, soil and sun of our California-grown plants translates into higher cannabinoids, terpines and flavonoids, which means we offer the best quality CBD products money can buy!

There is an art to the science, and we are skilled craftsmen producing small batches of CBD in limited quantity so we can control quality and adjust recipes as needed.

All of our products are formulated by doctors and physicians to offer the most effective benefits to our discerning customers.

For example, based on feedback from our community and advisors, we use sesame oil as our base carrier oil. Learn more.


Get the Patient's Guide to CBD and Medicinal Cannabis

Over 75,000 Copies sold worldwide! Now in 6 languages.

“The most comprehensive publication on the science and therapeutic use of cannabinoids yet produced.”
— Jeffrey Anderson, MD

I love this book. It is both beautiful and practical, grounded in all the right qualities needed to make working with CBD easy and effective.”
— Uwe Blesching PhD, author of Cannabis Health Index

“De pasta semi gruesa, extenso en hojas y muy buen contenido. Excelente explicacion para pacientes.” — Jose Montana, Mexico City, EF

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