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Amanda Quells Covid with CBD

I’m Amanda, I’m 43 years old, overweight and diabetic with HBP and I got a positive test result for COVID-19 on December 13.

I was exposed on December 3rd or 4th by someone at work who didn’t yet know they were infected.

My symptoms started on Dec 12 – high fevers and terrible body aches.  (Did you notice that it took 9 days from exposure to even feel sick?)

My doctor couldn’t really tell me how to deal with this – his only advice was to stay hydrated, take pain meds and lay on my chest.

Besides my regular daily medications I started taking a vitamin regimen that was recommended to me my a naturopath: 

  • 500 mg Quercitin 2x/day
  • 1000 mg Vit. C 2x/day
  • 75 mg Zinc 1x/day
  • 500 mg N-A-C 1x/day
  • 5,000 mg Vit D 1x/day
  • No tylenol
  • Drink green tea 2x/day

In spite of all this I wasn’t getting better – I went to the ER on Dec 18 because I couldn’t breathe. They took a chest x-ray and said I had pneumonia on top of COVID.   Any walking around caused me to hyperventilate, which gave me a lot of anxiety about any physical exertion because it was scary to hyperventilate.  I’ve never had anxiety in my life.

I finally contacted Carol, who sent me CBD to try, I only wish I’d started taking it earlier in my illness.

I took 1 AM CBD pill (20mg) at 8 am, another at noon most days.

At night I took 1 PM CBD pill (20mg) and a half dropper of tincture.

The relief from anxiety was immediate, I felt great and I slept great from the very first night thanks to the CBD. 

My lung issues have improved daily, they started expelling mucus the very next day, and I have not needed the inhaler that the ER gave me since I started the CBD.  My weird covid-related symptoms have all cleared up as well (wavy vision, dry tongue, toe pain).

The morning capsules give me a great body feel, and the PM capsules relax me and help me sleep great. 

My advice for others like me that get covid – keep your blood sugars low and take CBD!

I’ll be taking it from now on.

Thank you Healing Essence!

—  Amanda S


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