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CBD Oil For Dogs – What To Check Before Giving To Them?

CBD is gaining worldwide popularity due to its benefits in treating illnesses in humans. Those who have been using CBD products for a while vouch for the actual proof they have experienced in their bodies and minds. And thus, people are choosing to give CBD oil to their pets too.

Animals, especially our pets, have an endocannabinoid system just like us. Therefore, it piqued veterinarian doctors and pet owners’ interest in the healing powers of CBD in pets. Dogs and cats, and other pets also experience anxiety, panic, depression, and trauma. In addition, older pets, especially dogs, develop arthritis and body aches resulting in a stiff muscular system.

Many CBD enthusiasts have given their pets CBD oil mixed with food or directly under their gums. And within two to three days, their pets have become active and jolly like before. This trend slowly grew as more pet owners started visiting CBD shops in the US in the hope of getting the right treatment for their dogs and cats.

However, given the sudden rise of CBD companies in the last few years, there are a few important things you need to check when chosing a CBD product. When you become aware and conscious about what you are giving your pet, you understand the importance of sourcing quality products.

So let’s check out the list of things you need to check while shopping for CBD oil for your pet.

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1) What Is The Source Of The CBD Product For Pets?

Firstly, you must know the exact region from where the manufacturers have sourced their hemp plants. It will make you an aware and responsible pet owner. Check to see where the company is sourcing their cannabis plants from, qualities of plants vary by area, especially from overseas, which are typically derived from hemp seed and not flower.

If this is the case, the CBD may not be pure and as effective as it should be. Moreover, there are chances of those sellers using harmful chemicals to grow CBD. On the other hand, if they grow the hemp plants on their farm, it is relatively safe. You should go for those brands that have third-party lab testing and are organic.

Many companies will claim to use organic hemp, but the ground reality may be far from it. This is where a well known third-party lab test will come in handy.

2) Make Sure That The CBD Is A Whole Plant Extract For Pets

To explain this simply, if you have to choose between Vitamin C tablets and a whole Orange fruit, which one do you think is more nutritious? The latter, right? So the next point is based on a concept called the entourage effect.

It means that when you combine hundreds of ingredients to make one product, it will give you the same positive benefit or less from what you get from a whole single ingredient. There are chances that if you are giving your pet CBD oil and other pills for their illness, there are chances of your pet experiencing negative effects.

Moreover, you must keep in mind that the Food and Drug Administration has not yet approved any CBD products for humans and pets. This is why the onus to choose the safest brand is on your shoulders.

Healing Essence CBD Pet Formula


The Healing Essence CBD pet formula is one of the safest options out there in the market. They grow their hemp plant in an ideal location that is elevated, and therefore the soil receives the direct rays of the sunlight. Their production and quality are regularly supervised by a team of certified health practitioners and experts.

Moreover, their CBD oil for pets contains only one carrier oil which is the Olive oil, with a potency of 10 mg CBD/ml. It benefits your pets by improving their digestion, immune system and overall activity of their body. Even though they don’t claim, this CBD oil can potentially prevent diseases of the heart, cancer and weight gain.

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Many veterinarians who have been treating pets for a long time with CBD say that accurate dosing is key to receiving the benefits. Usually, it isn’t easy to get an accurate dose. So another important checkpoint to look out for is if the tincture dropper comes with a graduated markers to you can adjust your dosing accordingly.


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