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Meet Maggie the Bulldog

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Now for what I believe is a truly remarkable story –

My dog, Maggie – a purebred American Bulldog – just made 17 years old on February 14th. I have been very lucky with dogs, as my American Pit Bull Terrier lived to 15. If only I had known of you earlier we could have treated his stomach cancer.

Anyway, Maggie started a serious decline about 6 months ago. She was suffering from major pain, losing weight by eating less, alertness and passion had declined. Maggie is a true athlete, so it was obviously difficult to watch. She was using a full spectrum CBD I was purchasing from a trusted source, tramadol, and some steroids. None of these seemed to be working very effectively.  

About two weeks ago I started her on Healing Essence CBD and the difference described as amazing cuts short of just how big a change I have witnessed.  Maggie, has put on a little weight, I no longer see her ribs and she resumed eating twice per day. Unbelievably, her energy level has increased to where she started walking much further and shows signs of her old spirit. I have had numerous people comment, “What happened to Maggie? She is back!” 

A common problem with older dogs is unexpected growths in many places.  (After the Zoom call,) I will start putting some of the tincture on these spots and report back. Your product seems to have a much “fuller” consistency than the product I was using (if this makes sense). Also, of great note, her beautiful coat has become soft and shiny again!!

I would like to tell my vet about the product. She is unable to recommend CBD, but off the record she urged me to use. Maggie thanks you for your research, dedication and science!  At 17, I can say without a doubt that Healing Essence CBD for Pets has made a huge impact!!