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CBN, the Cannabinoid after THC and CBD you need to know!

Meet CBN…a Cannabinoid Growing in Popularity

You’ve heard of THC and CBD… make way for CBN

By Dan Reich

CBN is the third most well-known cannabinoid. Not as well-known as its brethren THC and CBD, CBN is attracting a lot of attention as a powerful force for wellness in its own right. Initially noted for its sleep-inducing qualities, CBN has emerged as a potent anti-bacterial, neuro-protective, anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving agent.

First appearing in scientific literature in the 1940s and the first cannabinoid to be extracted, CBN is what results when THC oxidizes. Most commonly, it is found in mature, cured flower that has been exposed to heat and/or oxygen. CBN is therefore chemically more similar to THC than to CBD, although it provides similar health benefits. CBN does have more psychoactive properties than CBD, but not nearly as much as THC. It is known to act in a synergistic fashion (i.e., the “entourage effect”) in enhancing the properties of THC or CBD when used in conjunction with it.

Although research on CBN has yet to take place on a massive scale, many interesting studies are taking place. A recent study determined that CBN was able to delay the onset of ALS in rodents. A study of Alzheimer’s by the Journal of Molecular Biology paired CBN with THC to help reduce oxidative damage, protect from loss of energy, and target inflammation in the brain.

It appears to exhibit analgesic (pain-relieving) properties in the body by influencing neurons that are responsible for pain signaling and perception. Its effects on sleep are being studied in isolation, and contrary to earlier findings, CBN was found to provide the most sedative effect when used with THC. When paired with CBD, it can help alleviate insomnia by causing an overall sense of mind and body tranquillity and relaxation.

A study published by the Psychopharmacology Journal showed that CBN increased the desire to eat as well as overall food intake. Since CBN is only negligibly psychoactive, CBN could thus provide an alternative to THC as the cannabinoid of choice for appetite stimulation. Other studies have indicated the potential of CBN to address other conditions such as glaucoma and arthritis. CBN has also shown promise at fighting MRSA bacteria, an infection particularly resistant to antibiotics.

Given this impressive resume, it’s no surprise that wellness companies, including us, are beginning to develop products using CBN in isolation or with other cannabinoids. Our new Doctor’s Formula CBN Tincture, developed with the help of Dr. Michael Moskowitz and feedback from our members, features an optimized blend of CBD and CBN.

We’re also developing new products with other cannabinoids, such as CBG. Stay Tuned.


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