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Olive Oil Tincture
Cats | Dogs

Description CBD for Dogs is a California-grown cannabis infusion with a base of organic olive oil, sourced locally from the rolling hills of Sonoma County, infused at low temperatures to retain the qualities of the olive oil and keep the potency of the cannabis low.
Size 1oz
Ingredients Olive Oil and Cannabis Oil
Potency 10mg CBD per ml
Total Cannabinoids 300mg (30ml x 10mg per ml)

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CBD Pet Formula


Why Olive Oil Tincture?

Healing Essence |Many veterinarians, and doctors for that matter, point to the high levels of Omega 3 fatty acids in Olive Oil for its potential health benefits that include the prevention of cardiovascular disease, diabetes, cancer and excess weight gain, and, we think most importantly, a healthier immune system.

For your pets, you can count on a healthier coat, better immune system and better brain health.

Why CBD?

Many veterinarians, and doctors for that matter, point to the high levels of Cannabinoids in the Cannabis Hemp flower, for its potential benefits that includes the healthy properties of anti-convulsant, anti-inflammatory and stress relief.

For your pets, you can count on increased activity, better digestion and healthier immune system.

Yes, you can add to pet food directly, but we advise to “titrate” dosing until you notice improvements then stay on a steady daily dose for the next weeks.

Yes, you can apply on cuts and scraps, but we advise a phone call or visit with a veterinarian for any large wounds or internal injuries.

*Studies have found olive oil’s link to brain health and joint health. Both are important for senior dogs, who can suffer from hip dysplasia, elbow dysplasia, arthritis and osteoarthritis.

**Potential benefits include the prevention of cardiovascular disease, diabetes, cancer and excess weight gain, and a healthier immune system, according to Rover.com.

Healing Essence |TESTIMONIALS

Kona’s Story

Kona is a 12-year-old Lab/Border Collie mix. She’s always been very active, but arthritis has limited her recently to walks of 3 miles or less, as she is very stiff in the mornings after walks of longer than that.

I began giving her a daily dose of Healing Essence olive oil tincture cbd for Pets and taking her on neighborhood walks, with the expectation that it would ease the arthritis and enable her to go farther without pain the next morning.

The first two days we did about 3 miles. On Day Three, we did 3 ¾ miles, and she woke up frisky and active. This was the farthest she had been able to walk for probably a couple of years. Day Four we did 4.3 miles and Kona was not stiff in the morning. Day Five we got it up to 4.8 miles. Healing Essence |

The next day I didn’t have time for a walk, but the following day we did a mighty 5.6 miles. She was a bit stiff at the end, but woke up the next morning with no ill effects. I feel as though 4-mile walks can be undertaken with no issues, and feel that the CBD oil has really helped Kona with her arthritis.

More Testimonials on Reviews tab, and HERE.

Weight 74 g

6 reviews for Olive Oil Tincture
Cats | Dogs

  1. Ayvee

    I have an incredibly high-energy puppy. The Healing Essence Pet Formula CBD Oil is a lifesaver. I give my puppy 4 drops every night before bed and it really helps calm him down. Bonus: my puppy loves the taste and can’t wait for his nighttime “treat.”

  2. Patrick, Richmond CA

    My 7 year old Golden Retriever was having problems jumping into my SUV and just wasn’t running on our hikes like she used to. The Vet said it was arthritis and gave her some meds and I bought a ramp for the car–which she hates. I’ve been worried about the long list of side effects from the medicine so last week I switched her to Healing Essence CBD oil for pets. As of yesterday she’s been jumping up into the SUV and running up the hills like a puppy. This stuff really works.

  3. Jake

    So far, your CBD has extended the life of my neighbor’s dog by 6 months. Their vet said in 25 years he has never seen tumor shrink like this!

  4. Yea Afolabl

    He has been so much better since I started him on the CBD tinctures. He listens, his tails only wags at 1 beat per second and he only barks when appropriate 🙂

  5. Lisa Hamilton

    My dog Abbie was diagnosed with Osteosarcoma in July. It is a cancer in the bone that can be very painful. It is terminal. The vet has given her about 3-5 months to live, before the pain will be too much. We have been giving her prescription medications and have added the CBD as the vet recommended. The vet stated there are studies that show it can been helpful in controlling pain. I have found it to be helpful. Abbie’s appetite had been sporadic and she had been losing weight. Since I’ve started giving her the CBD tincture she is eating everyday as she always had. I have recently started using it twice a day and it does seem to help. She is still getting around and going for her walks around our ranch, and even running on occasion to greet a delivery driver.

  6. Susan P

    Using CBD for dogs on my Australian Shepherd, Miles has had some trigger issues and the CBD seems to be a calming influence.

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