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CBD Flower Capsules - Morning Formula


Description All-Natural California grown Cannabis flower mixed with locally sourced organic herbs, Green Tea and Moroccan Mint. These full spectrum flower capsules are better than broad spectrum, containing all of its natural cannabinoids and terpenes, none being lost in the production process.
Size 30ct
Ingredients Full spectrum cannabis flower, local organic herbs including green tea and Moroccan mint.
Potency 20mg/capsule
Total Cannabinoids 600mg per bottle (30 capsules/bottle)
Suggested Use Primarily used for pain, inflammation, stress-anxiety, depression and anti-aging.
Dosage One capsule per morning, before breakfast. Can be repeated every 6 hours

$60.00 (Price excluding Tax)

4 reviews for CBD Flower Capsules – Morning Formula

  1. Vanya Golberg

    I was recommended to try CBD and did not want to use Tinctures. After a few weeks, I have found myself taking 2 capsules a day and feel like it is making a difference in my mood and mental stamina.

  2. Shaan Kirpalani

    I used to enjoy surfing, bicycling and jogging in my youth and now I’m trying to find the right balance between being active and being pain free. Im impressed, these capsules have gotten me to be a little more active and has gotten me to enjoy it a little more too. Thanks a bunch.

  3. Kiki

    I start my morning with a regimen of vitamins and cbd flower capsules. I feel like I start my day with a healthy energy boost, unlike the jitters I would get with coffee or caffeinated teas

  4. Caleb Gordon

    My naturopath recommended that I try CBD for my morning anxieties. I wanted something natural and full-spectrum, so I started using the flower capsules from Healing Essence a few weeks ago and feels like the right move, now I wake up looking forward to making the most of my day.

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